After a few years of going back and forth between specialists and his GP, Luke didn’t have a lot of answers. To date he has done a sleep study, colonoscopy, seen a neurologist who failed to convince our insurance that an MRI would be beneficial and tons and tons of blood testing. His blood doctor (hematologist I think?) has been the most helpful, since she was also diagnosed with CFS and so understands what Luke’s going through. But she hasn’t actually done much in the way of helping him get better.

Until she mentioned at the end of his last visit that he should do some research into Leaky Gut Syndrome. So he did research, meaning he told me to do some research since he doesn’t have the energy to do research, and I came across a book about healing the gut, written by a woman who was also diagnosed with CFS. The book is called The Reset Factor and is written by Dr. Mindy Pelz. I highly recommend anyone else with CFS, Leaky Gut or just general digestive problems take a look at it.

I read through the book, talked it over with Luke and we decided to take on the 45 day challenge, head on. One of the main ideas behind it is balancing your body’s ph level. I got some ph test strips off of AmazonĀ so we could testĀ our ph levels every morning of the reset. (This one also comes with a free eBook of alkalizing recipes, which, to be completely honest, I forgot about until just now as I was linking to it. Will check it out and report back in a later post.)

Delicious strawberry smoothie

The first 15 days of the reset are a liver detox. For this part, you drink two smoothies every day (one for breakfast and one for lunch), then eat a balanced dinner. This part was scary. I’m not gonna lie, I LOVE to eat. The thought of going liquid for two meals a day was terrifying. But I’m writing this from the other side, and I can honestly say that it’s worth it.

In addition to these meals, you can eat snacks as often as you want. The snacks are somewhat limited–nuts, green apples, berries, veggies, fat like avocados and nut butters, humus. See what’s missing? CARBS. No carbs, no grains, NO ALCOHOL. No coffee (ok, so I totally cheat there).

The next 30 days open up some options. You can start adding in paleo breads (using things like almond flour) and raw cheese. We’re somewhere in the middle of our 30 days and have both lost around 8 pounds so far, feel better than we have in years and shockingly aren’t starving all the time!

Now that you have an overview, I’ll spend the next few posts going into more detail about the nitty-gritty: how we managed, what we ate and most importantly how this is changing Luke’s outlook on his health.