This is now my third attempt at a personal blog, and I feel more prepared and ready than ever to start a blog that matters to me and to readers. Here’s what you need to know about why you should read this blog.

I made the move from Detroit, Michigan to Tulsa, Oklahoma with my husband, Luke, and our (then baby) son (let’s call him Jasper) back in 2009 to pursue the idealistic dream of higher education in the field of English. We have since had another son (let’s call him Zeke). The boys are now 5 and 7 years old, which is a remarkably fun age. Old enough to do stuff on their own like make lunch and read, but young enough to still want to hang out with me.

Me in toronto

Here’s me, hanging out in Toronto at a conference I attend annually. Working on growing that short pixie out– it has not been an easy task.

I achieved my dream of earning my Ph.D. in English Language and Literature in 2015, and, after a seriously stressful stint on the academic job market during the fall of 2015, sort of fell into this amazing job at an awesome company in Tulsa. I get to research and write all day long at my current job, and I even get to talk to top experts on topics ranging from diet and exercise to business loans and everything in between. It really is a unicorn job, particularly for a total research nerd like me.

So why, then, do I feel the need to write a blog, if I spend all day researching and writing about cool topics? See, the thing about research is that a good portion of what I discover doesn’t end up making it into my final piece. It could be that the article changes direction and so the research I found at first is no longer relevant, or it could be that I just have too much information to put into one article. It might also be that I stumbled onto something really interesting that I just need to set aside for the time being to read on my own time, and so ends up in a pile of notes stuffed in my drawer or in a sort of limbo on my Kindle, just waiting to be revisited.

This blog is for all those awesome things I encounter in my research and in my daily life that I just can’t seem to work into my articles for work. I’m a research junkie, and my husband is always reading random things that get me thinking. So while I’ll be writing the blog, he’ll frequently be contributing in the form of blog/research ideas. I welcome any suggestions from readers who want to know more about a particular topic, and I thank you for stopping by!